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Two Strand Twist Deal

Two Strand Twist Deal

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Braid Keeper 8oz


Hair and Skin 7 Oil Blend 4oz

A Light, Mild, Easy To Use Oils That Works On All Skin And Hair Types.

This Lightweight blend of seven natural and essential oils calms frizz, adds shine and leaves your hair and skin soft without any greasiness. Retain moisture with soybean oil. Soften the hair and skin with olive oil and restore natural shine and vibrancy to the hair with grape seed oil. Rich in Omega fatty acids, baobab oil moisturizes the skin. Vitamin E acts as a protective barrier on the skin and hair.

KURL KEEPER - RESTORE-REPAIR Leave In Conditioner 16oz

Kurl Keeper’s Repair-Restore Moisturizing Leave In Conditioner repairs, restores, and conditions, expert-approved; affordable; free of sulfates and parabens; contains natural ingredients made with natural hair in mind. This product is extremely moisturizing and recommended for hydrating dry hair on a daily basis. Helps to repair damaged hair, encourage hair growth, and helps prevent breakage. This product is extremely moisturizing and suitable for all curl patterns.

Kurl Keeper’s Restore-Repair Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner is a after shampoo product, typically used on damp hair. This means after you shampoo, gently dry your hair, until it's damp and then apply the leave-in conditioner.

Brush through with a detangling brush or comb to disperse it evenly throughout your hair, then leave it be—no rinsing required. "Work the product through with a wide tooth comb, part the hair and allow to air-dry completely. Use fingers to break hair up for a smooth, yet tangled hair.

 Kurl Keeper Hang Time Style Balm 8oz

Provides smooth, flexible bold and elongates curls. Ideal for twist-outs and wash-n-go's


Kurl Keeper | Kurl Custard 8oz

For all Hair types.

Curl Definition while adding Moisture and Conditions Hair


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